The M Word: Marketing


Marketing is a bad word to some people. They equate it with being “salesy” or pushy. They want people to buy their services because they need them and see the value that they offer.

But how can they see you or your value if you don’t tell them?

Word of mouth is wonderful, but when you’re a brand new coach, you may not have anyone to help spread the word about you yet. (When you do have a few clients and they say good things about you, that is a testimonial. Using testimonials as a way to show how good you are is called marketing. ;))

So how do you get the word out about you and what you do? How do you sell your services in a way that’s comfortable?

Marketing starts with simple things. A website, a blog, social media. That lets people know who you are.

On social media, like Facebook, you should concentrate on newsy things, any personal info you care to share, and once in a while, put in something about your services or a product or program you’re featuring. The general rule is 80/20. 80% personal or newsy stuff, 20% sales.

You find places where your potential clients hang out and you leave comments. If it’s a website or forum where someone is asking for help, it’s fine to offer some advice. That’s marketing too.

If it’s someone’s website, just make a nice comment. No mentioning what you sell. Most sites will let you add your website’s URL to the comment section and some will even show your most recent post, so there’s no need to be pushy. And you’re still marketing! This isn’t slimy at all, is it?

Also put your newsletter and email signature to work for you. That’s an easy marketing trick too. Be sure to add something – maybe in a side bar – to every newsletter. And create a customized email signature that includes a link to your sales page.

Something like this:

To Your Success!
Get Your Startup to Success Kit now!

There are plenty of easy, comfortable ways to market yourself without feeling slimed in the process. You might consider joining the Answers for ADHD Coaches coaching program to learn more.

Oh, and by the way, you should be ending every blog post you write just that way – with a link to a sales page for your products or services.

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